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Over 5 Million quarts of Body Balance sold since 1996.


Weight Loss



OVER 146,517 lbs LOST
(and counting)

* Clinical Study

* Proven Weight LossResults

* High Energy Protein Dietary Supplement

* 100% Vegetarian Whole-Food Dietary Supplement

* Night-Time Weight Loss Formula with Specialized Ingredients

Are You Willing To Follow 2 Simple Steps to Weight Loss?


This is much more that just another weight loss product.

This is not a starvation diet or miracle pill that curbs your appetite. It is healthy weight loss that you can stick with.

Once you have completed your weight loss program. You will have built a healthy foundation that will keep you at your ideal weight.

Lasting weight loss is not a dream.

*AminoCharge - A convenient, delicious high-protein drink to give your morning a high-energy boost. It starts your fat burning furnace and keeps weight loss going all day long. This is not your average Protein Drink. AminoCharge is a breakthrough in the industry. This formula and delivery system is so exclusive a U.S. Patent has been applied for.

*TrueGreens - A concentrated source of grains, greens, and specialized ingredients. This is your source for Antioxidants that is unparalleled in the health industry.

*Dream Away - Taken just before bedtime it keeps your fat burning furnace going all night long.

The TrimWise Health Solution combines these three products to help balance your diet and your weight loss.

A clinical study was performed, under the auspices of William Saccoman, M.D.

The purpose of The Study was to evaluate the results of using three specific products in a predetermined regimen, called The Trim Wise Health Solution. The Trim Wise Health Solution is a health enhancement approach that focuses on gaining health first, and trimming excess fat as a natural result. This was accomplished by "Feeding people thin, not starving them thin."

The participants were NOT put on a diet! Instead they were given the three product TrimWise Health Solution along with two lay instructions.

1) Add the TrimWise products to their meals, even if they normally skipped a meal.

Eat more low-glycemic foods, and less high-glycemic foods.

After only 28 days, the results were an average health-gain of 12.1% and an average fat-loss of nearly seven pounds. All of this without dieting or exercise!

Liquid Vitamins: The Wave of the Future

Our customers have found that if you do choose to exercise the weight loss even more dramatic.

It's easy to verify weight loss simply by stepping on a scale. However, to quantify the results of health gain, exacting analysis of selective data is necessary. And since there was no existing standard index that gave the information Life Force desired, a new "health quantitative index" was designed and created by Dr. Saccoman and Dr. Michael Ernest, a nutritional research scientist. This HQI includes specific "bio-markers," which give a realistic snapshot of a person's health at a specific time.

To produce an HQI that could be easily understood by the layperson, blood and urine samples were taken from a large portion of The Study participants, before The Study and after 28 days. The resulting data, from third-party laboratories, were then sorted into specific categories of health factors, and those factors given a numerical value. Thus, the change - in the before and after data - yielded an easily identifiable number, which showed a health gain or loss in specific areas.

The Health Quantification Index - The current HQI is a compilation of several factors. These factors include key indicators in the following functions: 1) immune system, 2) thyroid, 3) cardiac risk, 4) oxygenation, and 5) metabolic rate. Others will be included as the data becomes available.

Immune Function Factor - Measures the health status of the immune system.
-Average before the Study = 61.9 points
-Average after the Study = 75 points
-Average improvement = 13.1 points

Thyroid Function Factor - Measures how well the thyroid is functioning.
-Average before the Study = 74.9 points
-Average after the Study = 91.7 points
-Average improvement = 16.8 points

Cardiac Risk Factor - Measures the health status of the cardiovascular system.
-Average before the Study = 91.5 points
-Average after the Study = 95.6 points
-Average improvement = 4.1 points

Oxygenation Factor - Measures the body's ability to process and utilize oxygen.
-Average before study = 96.1 points
-Average after the Study = 98.8 points
-Average improvement = 2.7 points

Metabolic Rate Factor - Measures the body's efficiency in processing and burning calories.
-Average before the Study = 85.8 points
-Average after the Study = 95.4 points
-Average improvement = 9.6 points

Health Quantification Index 5 - The HQI 5 is a compilation of 5 health function/factors that represent the above 5 specific health factors. The optimum rating is 500 points, which would indicate a person who is functioning extremely well in all 5-health factors.
-Average before the Study = 405 points
-Average after the Study = 454 points
-Average improvement = 49 points

Conclusion - A total increase of 49 points represents a major improvement in only 28 days. The Trim Wise Health Solution has clearly accomplished health-gain for the participants. Total weight reduced was 146 lb., which converts to an average of 6.95 lb. per person, or 1.73 lb. per week.

Contains: 3 AminoCharge, 3 AminoRegulator, 1 TrueGreens, 1 Dream Away plus a color healthy weight loss guide.

Are you tired of weight loss that does not last?

Are you frustrated with diets that leave you with more pounds than you started with?

In 2000, according to the American Obesity Association (AOA), over 60% of adult Americans are overweight and 26% are obese and need weight loss now.

Besides being unhealthy, being overweight can effect one's self esteem, activity, and even job performance.

If you are currently overweight or been battling the yo-yo syndrome. You need to do something about it now before it gets worse.

It has never been more cost effective or easy.

45-DAY Empty Bottle RISK FREE Guarantee. It's simple. If you're not satisfied simply return the empty bottles and Life Force International will refund your money.

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Trim Wise (30-Day Supply) 3 Jars Amino Charge, 3 Amino Regulators, 1 True Greens, 1 Dream Away $178.00

1 Jar of AminoCharge and 1 Bottle of AminoRegulator

TrueGreens (30-Day Supply) $43.50

DreamAway (30-day Supply)

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Trim Wise (30-Day Supply) 3 Jars Amino Charge, 3 Amino Regulators, 1 True Greens, 1 Dream Away $162.00

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TrueGreens (30-Day Supply)

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45-DAY Empty Bottle RISK FREE Guarantee. It's simple. If you're not satisfied simply return the empty bottle and Life Force International will refund your money.


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