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Life Force International Web Specials

We are sick and tired of other web sites advertising non-existent specials or claiming to match other web site offers. Another trick is to put up dead links and force you to call for specials and then they up sell you into something you did not want.

There are those that offer a free bottle of Body Balance and all you have to do is pay the shipping & handling. To us that is not FREE. All our free products are shipped to you at no charge and they are shipped separate from your order so we pay the bill on the extra weight not you. Bottom line is we do not charge you extra to get the FREE stuff we promised.

WE DON'T PLAY THOSE GAMES. We have been an Life Force International web site for over 10 years and have won multiple awards for our Customer Service and providing Value to our customers.

In the end we spend our time cleaning up the mess they made with your order (if it's not too late).

Order here to get the best bang for your buck and help when you need it.


Free Shipping


.Your FREE PRODUCTS are shipped separately from your order. We hand pack these specials to ensure accuracy and only the freshest products are sent. We have been told about web sites that give away products that have not been stored correctly or are expired.. BUYER BEWARE

We pay for your shipping on your first order. The more you order the more you save. Your never even charged for shipping, no rebates to send in, no forms to fill out. If this is your first order and you use the FREE SHIP coupon code. YOU DON"T PAY A DIME FOR SHIPPING! (Be careful of the websites who charge you and say they will send it back)

Use Coupon Code: "Free Ship" when ordering




45 DAY Money Back Guarentee

We also offer a FULL 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like the product you ordered simply return the EMPTY bottles and get your money back NO QUESTION ASKED.


Free Body Balance

Body Balance

If you order 8 bottles of BODY BALANCE, from this web site by Midnight we will send you 1 FREE bottle of BODY BALANCE. ( $32.17 Value )

Use Coupon Code: "FREE QUART" when ordering. Fresh non-expired product. (Be careful of the scammers shipping expired products.)




Top Seller Special

We have combined our 3 TOP SELLING Products into a Very Special AutoShip package.

2 Quarts Body Balance
Regular Price $54.68

1 Quart OsteoProCare
Regular Price $41.00

1 Bottle FlexoPlus
Regular Price $26.75

***1 Additional Quart of Body Balance Shipped FREE Separately
Regular Price $32.17***
(one time after AutoShip order is sent)

Regular Price Total: $154.60

AutoShip Special Price: $102.50
Over 30% Savings


Description U.S. Price Quantity
Top Seller Special (AutoShip) $102.50




Our specials change Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Check back often for other money saving specials.