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A 100% vegetarian liquid calcium/mineral supplement formulated to provide an easily absorbed and good tasting source of calcium, along with magnesium, Vitamin D, and other supporting nutrients in proper ratios.

OsteOmegaCare was designed not only to promote strong bones and teeth, but also to support healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Essential fatty acids (EFA’s); Good Fats (Omega Oils):
Derived from the richest vegetable source of omega 3

EFA’s - Organic flaxseed oil that contains a perfect ratio of (4:1) Omega-3 to Omega-6.
EFA’s are the building blocks of every membrane of every cell in the body. They must be obtained from a food source or a food supplement because the body cannot produce essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and 6) on its own.

They are “Good Fats” that together:
* Form the membrane of the billions of cells in our bodies
* Make up a very large part of the brain’s active tissues
* Contribute to reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides
* Prevent blood cells from conglomerating
* Are necessary for absorption of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K
* Help reduce inflammation and swelling
*Maintain proper kidney function and fluid balance

Inulin (Oligo-fiber) :
* Boosts calcium absorption, which is important to building and maintaining strong bones.
* Stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics). Probiotics are guardians of Intestinal system.

Calcium :
* Regulates the transport of ions across cellular membranes and is particularly important in nerve transmission.
* Is required for muscle contractions throughout the entire body and therefore the regulation and maintenance of our heartbeat.
* Plays an important role in blood clotting.
* Maintains collagen, the glue that holds cells together.

Vegetarian Glucosamine:
* A natural occurring amino-sugar that is thought to promote the formation and repair of cartilage.
* Glucosamine works in perfect synergy with Omega Oils to promote joint health and reduce inflammation.

* A naturally occurring amino acid compound that helps to transport long chain fatty acids across mitochondrial membranes.

Vitamin D:
* Indispensable for the absorption of calcium across the intestinal wall of cell membranes.

Available in Chocolate or Vanilla flavor.


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OsteoMegaCare (1) 32oz Bottle
Calcium, Vegetarian Glucosamine, Vitamin D, & Omega 3 & 6
OsteoMegaCare(4) 32oz Bottles
Calcium, Vegetarian Glucosamine, Vitamin D, & Omega 3 & 6
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OsteoMegaCare (1) 32oz Bottle AUTOSHIP
Calcium, Vegetarian Glucosamine, Vitamin D, & Omega 3 & 6

OsteoMegaCare(4) 32oz Bottles AUTOSHIP
Calcium, Vegetarian Glucosamine, Vitamin D, & Omega 3 & 6