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Over 5 Million quarts of Body Balance sold since 1996.

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NEW PRODUCT PACKS! These packages are new combinations of existing products and are designed to: 1) work together for specific benefits, 2) save you money

Item Supply PACKAGE DESCRIPTIONS Wholesale Price AutoShip Price
LF110 30 days Colon Cleanse Program—Contains: Intestinal Tone, Activated Charcoal and Herbal Tabs. A fantastic triple protector of intestinal health! $51.50 $45.50
LF35 30 days Energy Pack—Contains: 1 quart Body Balance, 1 Taheebo Tea, and 1 Sunbright. Designed to give you “all day” energy. 87.50 78.00
LF98 30 days AM/PM Pack (New name!)—Contains: 1 Sunbright & 1 Sunset. A 2-formula way to begin and end the day. 79.00 71.00
LF21 30 days Base-Line Pack—Contains: 1/2 Gallon Body Balance and 1 OsteoProCare. A month’s supply for one person of our two most significant liquid products. 91.50 82.50
LF65 30 days Sports Pack—Contains: 1/2 Gallon Body Balance, 2 AminoCharge, 2 AminoRegulators 115.50 104.00
LF40 30 days Cornerstones—Contains: 1 quart OsteoProCare, 1/2 Gallon Body Balance, 1 TrueGreens, 2 AminoCharge, 2 AminoRegulators and color guide to healthy living. 186.00 167.50
LF55 30 days TrimWise—Contains: 3 AminoCharge, 3 AminoRegulators, 1 TrueGreens, 1 Dream Away and color guide to healthy weight loss. 178.00 162.00
LF100 30 days Regeneration Program—Contains: Intestinal Tone, Activated Charcoal, Herbal Tabs, Taheebo and 1 Quart Body Balance. 97.00 87.00
LF45 30 days Restore Pack—1/2 Gallon Body Balance, 1 Colon Cleanse Program (complete), and 1 Dream Away (15 oz.) This pack is designed to restore the health with trace elements, a clean intestinal tract, and important nutrients to be absorbed while sleeping. 134.50 119.50
LF15 30 days Rebuild Pack—Contains: 1/2 Gallon Body Balance, 1 OsteoProCare, 1 Sunbright, and 1 Sunset. Our bodies are constantly replacing old cells with new ones. This pack is designed to help in this rebuilding process. 176.00 155.00
LF20 30 days x 2 Base-Line Family Pack—Contains: 4 quarts Body Balance, and 2 OsteoProCare. This pack is designed as a month’s supply for two products. 176.00 155.00


LF135   4 Quarts Body Balance $97.00 $89.00
LF145   8 Quarts Body Balance 176.00 155.00
LF146   10 Herbal Body Wrap 186.50 165.50
LF147   4 OsteoProCare 155.00 134.50


LF111 30 days Intestinal Tone—A rich source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. A gentle and effective product for keeping you fit inside & out! $19.50 $17.50
LF112 30 days Activated Charcoal—Provides one of natures best and purest detoxifiers, activated charcoal has a wonderful cleansing effect. 14.50 13.00
LF113 30 days Herbal Tabs—A unique formula of time-tested herbs known to gently stimulate normal bowel movements. Contains 120 tablets. 18.00 16.00
LF120 30 days Taheebo—One of nature’s most effective antimicrobial and immunostimulant agents. Remedy of the ancient world, works wonders today! 17.50 15.50
LF130 15 days Body Balance –1 quart (32oz.)—Life Force’s flagship product, time-tested over 18 years as a liquid, whole food source of vital trace 18 elements from 9 different forms of sea vegetation and aloe vera. Flavored with black cherry and honey, Body Balance tastes so good that even children can and will drink it. It’s what “every body” needs for health! 29.00 27.00
LF142 30 days Body Balance –1/2 Gallon(64 oz.) 52.00 47.50
LF140 60 days Body Balance –1 gallon (128 oz.) 89.00 82.00
LF200 1 Application Herbal Body Wrap—This amazing formula does many things including cleansing, rejuvenating and contouring while reducing inches in a single hour! You’ll also need to order the reusable terry cloths, item SA250. 19.50 18.00
LF300 30 days Sunbright—High energy formula with human growth hormone releasers. Start your day off right! 45.50 41.50
LF350 30 days Sunset—Soothing, calming formula for fighting stress with Kava Kava & St. John’s Wort. Power down with Sunset in the evening. 34.50 30.50
LF600 30 days TrueGreens—True Greens is a treasure chest of over 30 concentrated, organic and natural ingredients. It's like getting a "Salad Bar In A Jar" 43.5 40.50
LF600 30 days Colloidal Silver—One of Nature’s most effective antibiotic and disinfectant agents. Effective in fighting bacteria, fungi and viruses. 23450 21.00
LF700 30 days OsteoProCare—Liquid calcium & magnesium with glucosamine & chrondroitin. Helps joints stay flexible! 41.00 37.00
LF800 30 days Dream Away—Sleep better and lose weight while sleeping. Dream your way to your optimal weight! 37.50 33.00
LF901 30 days AminoCharge—With 4 Protein sources, AminoCharge's unique formulation is the key to "Feeding Yourself Thin". Use with the AminoRegulator to activate the "protonic process". Includes 2 jars of AminoCharge and 2 bottles of AminoRegulator. 66.50 59.00
LF900 15 days AminoCharge—Includes 1 jar of AminoCharge and 1 bottle of AminoRegulator. 34.50 29.50

Individual Items

Item No. Count DESCRIPTION Wholesale
SA250 6 Terry Wrap Cloths—For the Herbal Body Wrap; each reusable cloth is 5’ long x 5” wide; 2 sets recommended. $18.00 N/A
SA155 1 The Herbal Body Wrap—A training video of 20 minutes showing exactly how to prepare for and do a complete body wrap. 6.00 N/A
SA159 1 The Herbal Body Wrap—Video Tape, Spanish Language Version 6.00 N/A

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