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Dead Nutritional Supplements vs. LIVE Nutritional Supplements

Virtually all vitamin manufacturers use an industrial process called "fractioning."

This process is designed to split a food into its separate nutritional components. These isolated nutrients are then re-combined in pill form (sometimes even liquid), and then sold as "natural."

But by their very nature, these products are totally unnatural. Once you fraction out an isolated nutrient, you've created a chemical.

More importantly, these products are inherently incomplete.

The human body utilizes nutrients in conjunction with one another.

Body Balance liquid phytonutrients contain a combination of ALL the ingredients found in nature, rather than just the so-called "active ingredients" which the manufactures decide to put in their pills or liquid vitamins.

For example:

Most people think beta-carotene is a critical antioxidant that needs to be in their vitamin pill. Yet beta-carotene is really only ONE of the hundreds of carotenes found naturally in foods.

When one nutrient is fractioned away from the others, the resulting compound fails to work as intended.

New research shows that high doses of synthetic beta-carotene make certain types of cancer worse. See evidence here. Smokers should definitely not take it.

Taking high dosages of the synthetic or fractionated beta-carotene and other antioxidants commonly sold in stores can result in impaired immunity ... the exact opposite of what you're trying to achieve!

You cannot put any antioxidants in pill form without killing the life.

Sidenote: That's why it's recommended we eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It's LIVE food rich in antoxidants and usable phytonutrients, that is, unless you cook it hotter than 115 degrees. Though for most people, getting 5 servings of LIVE food in our fast-paced world is a difficult task. So they need alternatives.

Compounding the problem is that store-bought nutritional products lack the coenzymes and trace minerals which are necessary to enable the body to even absorb the nutrients.

Almost all store-bought vitamins are concocted in a laboratory.

See, store-bought supplements are relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

On the other hand, Body Balance utilizes a time-consuming process which ensures the finished product retains the live nutritional value of the raw materials.

At present, there are only a couple manufacturers who have the necessary technology to create phytonutrient complexes.

Life Force is one of them, and is currently the world leader in the most bio-available liquid whole-food supplements.

This is where the Life Force BioLiquid Advantage is important.

Their full-spectrum nutrients and phytonutrients are concentrated, absorbable, stable, and formulated in the right sequence to produce superb quality, with high concentrations.

Why Whole-food Supplements?

Having dietary supplements derived from whole-foods is equally important as having them in liquid form.

As we covered, most traditional supplements, tablet or liquid, are made with synthesized vitamins, made in a laboratory out of isolated chemicals which may have been, at one time before it's altered state, a whole food.

If the vitamins even have minerals, they're usually in an elemental, inorganic form. Inorganic minerals are far, far less acceptable to our human bodies.

Another example:

Almost all vitamin C available in stores is from the synthetic form, "ascorbic acid."

However, when Mother Nature makes it, an untold number of supportive phytonutrients are built in and around the entire nutrient matrix.

Man-made laboratories simply cannot duplicate this process, thus the value of whole-food nutrients and phytonutrients.

Even the most sophisticated science cannot supply the innumerable "phyto" compounds that are interwoven throughout a whole-food.

This "phytonutrition" adds immeasurable value to specific nutrients.

Take vitamin C again as the example:

When you eat an orange, you get vitamin C ... AND a magnificent complement of supportive "naturally associated" compounds.

So even if you're getting mega doses of vitamin C, or any other vitamin, your body is most likely craving the "naturally associated factors" as much or MORE so ... than a high dose of a single isolated nutrient.

These OTHER naturally occurring "side" nutrients are the true value of whole-food dietary supplements, and is why you're getting so much more value beyond synthetic vitamins and elemental minerals.

You could compare this value to the difference between the music played by a solo instrument to that of the music generated by an entire symphony orchestra.

You could also compare this to the significant difference between a simple language of only 100 words versus a sophisticated language of 100,000 words.

Nourish Yourself All "The Way To Wellness"

With Life Force products, you get the best of both worlds:

1) Natural-source nutrients and phytonutrients from whole-food sources.

2) The most bio-available absorbable liquid form.

Life Force products are based on this wellness philosophy;

" When the body gets what it needs, it then has the opportunity to address its own health challenges."

Your body has tremendous capacity to heal itself, and bring itself back into balance. All you have to do is feed your body the right things.


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