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Dream Away

Dieting doesn't work for the simple reason that if you restrict calories, the body goes into starvation mode and starts consuming muscle for fuel and storing fat for reserves!

In contrast, vital health insists that your body preserve muscle to keep you strong and firm, and use fat for fuel.

Your metabolism is most active during the first 90 minutes of sleep, particularly following a short fasting period.

Dream Away was developed by an M.D. and has a unique combination of nutrients that work in synergy to help you achieve your health and appearance goals.

Liquid Vitamins: The Wave of the Future

Using Dream Away is simple:

Take one tablespoon on an empty stomach before you go to bed. That's it!

Dreams Become Reality...
Life Force International's Dream Away product is the highest quality liquid collagen weight loss product on the market today. It is a all-natural blend of several nutrients that have been specially formulated for the process of slenderizing and building of lean body mass.

You have a dream of your ideal weight and physical condition. You know just how lean and fit you want to look and feel. Life Force International has found a way to help you turn your dreams into reality!

How it Works...

Your metabolism is most active during the first 90 minutes of sleep, particularly following a short fasting period. Fasting removes food from the digestive tract so that the body turns into its own muscle protein and fat reserves as a source of energy. However, we only want to burn the fat, not the muscle. Dream Away achieves this objective. The balanced proteins in Dream Away keep the body from metabolizing lean muscle mass. As a result, protein reserves actually increase and the body burns fat for energy. All of this occurs naturally so you sleep to lose weight!

The Formulator...

"Dream Away" was developed by Renowned physician and nutritionist. Dr. William J. Saccoman carefully formulated Dream Away to be used while sleeping. Has extensive scientific research behind it. Time-tested and proven, Dream Away helps the body build muscle and it lose fat..

Proven Ingredients that work!

Ingredients: Pure Water, Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Black Cherry, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Whey, Albumen, L-Phenylalanine, Collagen, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, and Potassium Benzoate (from Blueberries), Melatonin, & Chromium Picolinate.

Just Imagine...

* Firm up and slim down without dieting!
* Lose fat and gain muscle in the right places!

The Results....

Dream Away does take off inches while you sleep! It's given me that extra boost that I've been missing. I simply took 1-Tablespoon before bed each night for 4 weeks and my waistline 'shrunk' 4 inches and I lost 8 pounds. My only lifestyle change was the tablespoon of Dream Away before bed! This product is truly remarkable!!

Joanne McCook, Independent Member

"I'm so tired of 'Yo-Yo' diets! In the last decade, I've tried every weight loss program you can name with no long-term success. What's wonderful about Dream Away is that I wouldn't even call it a diet! Really, I've never felt better! I sleep soundly and have more energy. I've lost 8 pounds and a total of 24 inches in 23 days! This product is what I've been missing!"

Francis White, Independent Member

" I love Dream Away! Since I was introduced to the product, I've lost 58 pounds. I've also improved muscle tone. This is the easiest weight management program ever! I sleep well and wake up with more energy."

Daniel McBride, Independent Member

"I weighed over 360 pounds... My doctor put me on Dream Away...I lost over 150 pounds in nine months. I went from a size 60 to a 34 waist... Thank you Life Force!"

Dennis Conner, Independent Member


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