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Colon Cleanse

You need a colon cleanse because…

No one thinks a sewer is healthy. So why keep one inside you?

Now - Gently cleanse your colon in just 30 days

Colon Cleanse

Your body has to get rid of waste. It's literally a matter of life and death. Our environment - and, more importantly, our food - is riddled with toxic chemicals. A clean colon is critical to good health, and your colon must be clean to properly eliminate waste.

So - with all the toxins entering your body, what can you do to clean them out so they don't poison you? A great place to start is with a colon cleanse.

But - Why do you need a colon cleanse?

Part of the Why is From Our Diet

Fast Food Hurts Your Colon

The average American diet has too much fat - especially too much saturated fat -- and too many refined carbohydrates. That's a real problem, and I'm about to talk frankly and a little graphically about it.

The excess fat makes the feces stickier. After all, grease sticks to everything. It sticks to the paper and the bowl, and it's not hard to see that some of it is probably sticking inside you too.

Both the Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center and Mayo Clinic have clearly stated that increased saturated fat in the diet and decreased fiber increase the risk of colon cancer. A lot of that could be due to excess feces sticking to the wall of the colon.

Plus, excess refined carbohydrates make it even worse. You're familiar with pasta? Did you know the name was derived from the Italian word for paste? Now, paste is designed to stick to things. And - have you ever tried to chew an uncooked piece of pasta? Too hard to chew, isn't it? With these types of carbohydrates in the diet, some may not be fully digested and large proteins could be left behind to harden and stick to your colon wall.

Remember - no body process is perfect. If everything in the body went perfectly, we'd never get sick or grow old. It's easy to see that some waste may get left behind since it's sticker than what our body is designed to deal with. And, for good health, you need to get that cleared out.


Dangers of a Dirty Colon

Colon Cancer

Leaving feces behind in the colon is bad for your health. It creates conditions that are bad for you, but good for bacteria. This can lead to major problems, and here's some evidence:

  • " With prolonged contact, bacteria can get into the colon lining (Gastroenterology, Nov 1999)

  • " Bacteria can cause inflammatory bowel conditions that may lead to cancer (Gastroenterology, Nov 1999, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Sept 1995)

  • " Inflammatory bowel diseases can predispose to bowel cancer (Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic)

Those are all things it would be best to avoid, and having a clean colon after using the Colon Cleanse Program promotes the good health you need to enjoy life on your terms.

Before I give you the details about the program, I want to introduce you to Jennifer. She had generally decent health - or so she thought. What really happened is that she was slowly growing more uncomfortable - and less healthy. She thought her increasing discomfort was a "normal" part of aging. She had more indigestion; he was up more at night; she had various pains and discomforts; she was just "getting old."

Jennifer found out she was wrong.
Here she is to tell you her story:


"I was generally feeling OK, just run down sometimes and occasionally getting backed up. Things weren't coming out the way they had been, and the way I thought they should. A friend suggested I use these colon cleanse products, and I didn't think they were for me at first. I mean, I didn't have a big problem. It was just trouble passing my stool now and then.

After a while, as things started to get a little bit worse, I was feeling worse and I asked my friend about the products she'd mentioned. I got some, and really didn't know what to expect. Not much happened the first day or two. I still kept feeling like I was a little backed up. After that, though, I noticed things started moving faster. I had to head for the bathroom more often, and it seemed like more was coming out than I was putting in!

I also noticed that feeling I used to have - where I didn't feel emptied out - had gone away too. Then, in another couple of days, I started sleeping better. That helped me have more energy so getting through my day was easier. And the funny thing is - the brown spots on my hands started to disappear. I thought they were age spots, but maybe they were brown for a different reason. Anyway, I'm glad I gave it a try. I feel better than I used to, and I think the cleanse helped me quite a bit."

Jennifer G
Chicago, IL


Cleanse to Promote Good Health

There's one primary reason to cleanse your colon: to be healthy. Remember those toxins I mentioned? They're all around you - in your air, food, and water. Getting the toxins out of your body promotes your health. That just makes sense. Poisons don't heal.

Despite that, there's a lot of controversy about colon cleansing. Many people think it's a good idea, but some don't. So - how do you know? Ultimately, you have to weigh the evidence and choose what's best for you. But here's some information to help you make that choice.

Doctors agree about Clon Cleanse

Some MD's say that these symptoms - headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, discomfort - are due to swelling in the colon, rather than waste building up. However, that information is based on studies done in 1919 and 1922. The American diet has changed drastically, and for the worse, since 1922. There's more current information available that might help you decide it's a good idea to cleanse your colon.

A medical journal, called Surgical Infections, reported a study in February 2007 about acute appendicitis, and how often feces is a factor. If you're counting, they reported 49%. But that's not the big news.

As a side note to their study, the surgeons reported seeing more feces in patient's colons than they expected. And, they added, it might be good to find out why. There are a number of reasons why, and I've told you some of them. Knowing those reasons makes it easy to see why you need the Life Force International Colon Cleanse Program.


Here's How Our Colon Cleanse Helps

It takes more than just one step, or one product, to correctly cleanse your colon. That's why the Life Force International Colon Cleanse Program uses three specially-blended products to gently cleanse over 30 days. This approach is much better for your body. After all, it took a lot more than 30 days to get to where you are now!

The three products are best used together, especially for a first cleanse. Each product has its specific role, so leaving one out will leave the job incomplete. This is one job you'll want to finish, so order the full Program to get the maximum benefit and achieve the results you want.

The Life Force International Colon Cleanse Program will:

  • Break down hardened waste from intestinal walls with Herbal Tabs.

  • Attract and hold toxins that have accumulated in your body with Activated Charcoal.

  • Sweep the toxins, fat and cholesterol from your body with Intestinal Tone.



Colon Cleanse

Formula 1: HERBAL TABS (Cleansing Agent)
Product spec sheet Herbal Tabs

Colon Cleasne Herbal Tabs

This cleansing herbal formula stimulates the muscles in the colon, and strengthens them over time.

It improves digestion, relieves gas and cramps, and increases the flow of bile to clean the gall bladder, bile ducts and liver. It promotes healthy flora in your intestines, while destroying and getting rid of intestinal parasites. It's antibacterial, anti-viral and antifungal.

When used as suggested, the mild, natural, and non-habit forming phytonutrients (nutrients found in plants) break down hardened feces stuck to your colon walls and flush it out.


Start with one capsule of this formula during or just after dinner. This formula works best when taken with food. The next morning, you should notice an increase in your bowel action and in the amount of feces you pass. It should also be softer. If you notice little or no difference in your bowel movements by the next day, then increase your dosage that evening to 2 capsules.

Continue to increase your dosage every evening by one capsule until you notice a dramatic difference in the way your bowel works. Most people need 2-3 capsules, but a few have needed more than that. Your bowel movement and elimination should be your guide.

Continue to use this formula at the dose that works for you until you have one bowel movement each day for each meal you eat. Between 2 and 4 bowel movements a day is normal. This formula can be taken long term without worry about dependence.


Formula 2: ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (Detoxifying Agent)

Product spec sheet Activated Charcoal

Colon Cleanse Activated Charcoal

This is a natural deodorant and disinfectant. Activated Charcoal is one of the finest absorptive and adsorptive agents known. These odorless and tasteless fine black granules extract and neutralize thousands of times their own weight in gases, heavy metals, toxins, poisons and other chemicals.

Made by heating coconut shells in the absence of air, partly-burned shells are granulated to a size that allows optimum absorption. This vegetable form of carbon is completely safe for human consumption.

Besides being helpful in providing relief from gas trapped in the lower intestine, charcoal is known as the universal antidote and is used in hospital emergency rooms to neutralize drugs and poisons. It makes a great addition to any family first aid kit.


Mix 1 teaspoon with 8 ounces of water (you may want to try adding it to yogurt) both morning and evening. A straw may help since it can settle in the bottom of the glass. Do not use with time-released medications.


Formula 3: INTESTINAL TONE (bulking agent)


Colon Cleanse Intestinal Tone

Intestinal Tone is a natural blend of psyllium husks and psyllium seeds that provides the optimal mix of soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble fiber from the husks helps absorb and eliminate cholesterol, fats and toxins that accumulate in the colon.

The insoluble fiber from the seeds provides the bulk needed to promote peristaltic action (get the intestinal muscles to squeeze) and eliminate waste, while allowing for improved nutrient absorption. Intestinal Tone contains no chemical stimulants, sugar, salt, preservatives or artificial flavors.

Today is the best day to start

As you can see, there are many good reasons to use our Colon Cleanse Program. The American diet has changed for the worse since there are too many bad fats and refined carbohydrates. There are toxins all around in your air, water and food - and in your body.

Your body can't work properly with toxins in it, and you can't live the life you really want, and enjoy it with your family, unless you and your family are well.

Give your body the best chance you can to heal and stay healthy. That way, you'll be there for the people who want and need you to be here and healthy. Take care of your colon by cleansing it with our Colon Cleanse Program. Order the three part Program today - and with complete confidence.

Life Force International has been developing and producing liquid vitamins, calcium, weight loss products, and other nutritional supplements for nearly two decades. In fact, our products were initially developed and sold only through physician's offices. We changed that in 1997 so we can reach and help more people.

Plus, to make it entirely risk-free, we offer an unconditional, 45-day money back guarantee. That's right - you get 45 days to use the 30 day program to make sure it works for you. If not, send it back and we'll refund your purchase price - less shipping charges. You can even return the empty bottles and still get a refund!

With a guarantee like that, the only way you can go wrong is to not order. So, by placing your order now in the form below, you'll get the clean colon you need to promote the health you and your family both want you to have. And remember, it's entirely risk-free.

Once you use our program and see how much it helps you, order a Colon Cleanse Program for any family members who need it. Tell your family and friends about the Colon Cleanse Program since you want them to enjoy good health too.

Order through the form below and we'll get your Colon Cleanse Program shipped to you right away. Enjoy your good health!


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Colon Cleanse


Once you've gone through your first cleanse (and are feeling better than you were), you'll probably notice that you'll use one of the products faster than the others. You can use the form below to order extra of what you go through faster. This way, you won't have to get a whole program before you need it again.

Description U.S. Price Quantity
Individual Products    
Colon Cleanse Program
Contains: Intestinal Tone, Activated Charcoal and Herbal Tabs. A fantastic triple protector of intestinal health!

AutoShip Colon Cleanse Program
Contains: Intestinal Tone, Activated Charcoal and Herbal Tabs.
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Intestinal Tone
A rich source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. A gentle and effective product for keeping you fit inside & out!


Activated Charcoal
Provides one of natures best and purest detoxifiers, activated charcoal has a wonderful cleansing effect.


Herbal Tabs
A unique formula of time-tested herbs known to gently stimulate normal bowel movements. Contains 120 tablets.