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Body Balance FAQ

1. Contains Every Essential Nutrient in Nature's Perfect Balance
*Vitamins *Macro Minerals *Trace Minerals *Amino Acids *Essential Fatty Acids

2. Cleanses the Colon and Normalizes pH Levels.
*Facilitates Elimination *Improves Absorption *Enhances Assimilation

3. Supports the Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems.
*Detoxifies *Promotes Healing *Nourishes

4. Supports the Immune System
*Fortifies the body with essential nutrients needed to fight disease.

5. Supports the Nervous System.
*Fight the effects of stress *Improves vitality *Promotes a feeling of well-being

6. Supports Metabolic Processes.
*Facilitates Digestion *Reduces Cravings *Nourishes the Glandular System

7. Increases Oxygen at the Cellular Level.
*Promotes Energy *Promoted Stamina *Combats Aging *Supports Memory

8. Excellent Source of Antioxidants.
*Contains free radical scavengers known to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and strokes.

9. Anti-inflammatory Properties.
*Reduces Inflammation in Arthritis *Reduces Inflammation in Sports Injuries
*Relief from Inflammatory Diseases

10. Combats Side Effects of Harmful Substances.
*Alcohol *Drugs *Tobacco *Environmental Pollutants

Body Balance even provides you with dietary fiber.

74 minerals
23 vitamins
  3 essential fatty acids
21 amino acids
  7 enzymes and nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen

Because Body Balance is absorbed within a matter of minutes, it saves your body energy on digestion. Many people don't realize that digestion sucks up more energy than any other system in the body. Any energy savings you can do for your body is like "preserving your battery."


Q: "Is Body Balance SAFE?"
A: Absolutely!
Body Balance is SAFE because it's made from real FOOD, not a chemical lab. Harvested from the ocean, these carefully selected ingredients come from the least polluted, toxic and chemically compromised environments on earth.

Minerals that are toxic in their natural state, such as iodine, arsenic and aluminum are neutralized by the sea vegetables making them beneficial and harmless.

Q: "Why sea vegetables?"
A: Sea Vegetables have the richest source of nutrients on Earth.

Depleted farm soils are already strip-mined and no longer contain the minerals our bodies desperately need. As a result, many Americans suffer from diseases attributed to mineral deficiencies.

In contrast ...... sea vegetables are far superior to land vegetables.

In the process of converting sunlight to energy, sea vegetables reabsorb nutrients and organically bind them in an ionic state.

Life Force International uses only fully-ripened sea vegetables from the pristine waters of the Arctic from what is referred to as the "Regeneration Zone" hundreds of feet below the surface.

Free from herbicides, pesticides and heavy metal contamination, these areas are in a constant state of nutrient enrichment.

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