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Lack of Calcium

Today we lack a lot of calcium in our diets. We need a good amount of calcium to keep our bones teeth muscles and blood stream healthy. Calcium is supposed to be the most commonly found mineral in humans today, yet even though it is still true, we are lacking the proper amount.

Because of this, our bones are getting weaker and more fragile, making us perfect targets for the bone disease osteoporosis. Calcium is not that hard to get into our bodies.

It can be found in dairy products, beans, and other nutritional foods as well. We do not seem to get enough intake of these types of foods, so there for our calcium levels are usually low.

One of the things wrong with this is that the recommended servings is about to change. Where it used to be we should drink one glass of milk a day and get at least three servings of dairy or beans, it is about to change to where we are recommended 3 glasses of milk a day and at least 6 servings of dairy or beans a day, and that is just for calcium.

We are not eating right and because of it we are losing our bones teeth and muscles. Calcium is needed not only for those but it also helps with contraction of muscles, and as you may know, our most important muscle is our heart. With our calcium levels dropping we are slowly enabling our heart to get heart disease, and high blood pressure.

We must put a stop to this before it is too late. Over half the population of America suffers from heart disease already. If we donít start getting the right amount of calcium needed we are going to end up with the whole country having heart disease.

Calcium in Kids

During childhood, the body uses calcium to build strong bones and teeth: a process that is finished by the end of the teenage years. Bone calcium begins to decrease in adulthood and continued loss of bone occurs as we age, found to do so more in women.

Teenagers, especially girls, whose diets don't give the nutrients to build bones to their best are at a higher risk of developing the bone disease osteoporosis, which is becoming more of a problem every day. Osteoporosis causes fractures in weak bones and can make a persons bones easier to break.

Calcium also plays an important role in muscle contraction, sending messages through the nerves, and the release of hormones. If blood calcium levels are low, calcium is taken from the bones to ensure normal cell function.

When children get enough calcium and physical activity during childhood and the teen years, they can start out their adult lives with the strongest bones possible. If how ever they do not get the right amount they can find that their bones and teeth can grow weak quicker then they should.

By feeding your child food that has enough calcium in it, you are helping them to build strong bones and teeth. You are also enabling them to be able to have a good and healthy diet through out their lives.

People today are very unhealthy, low calcium intake as a child is part of the problem. Children need the right amount of calcium to stay strong, and without that needed calcium they grow to be obese, weak, and their bones break easier.

When we are children, we are not able to make sure we are getting what we need, so it is up to the parent to make sure the child gets what is needed. Children also wonít eat everything that is put in front of them. This is a small problem, but it is easily fixed.

Some of the things that seem like snacks actually have a good amount of calcium in them. Ice cream being one example, anything with dairy in it has calcium in it.

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