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Over 5 Million quarts of Body Balance sold since 1996.
Build Muscle to Lose Weight

Intelligent Protein Supplement Helps Build Muscle and Burn Fat

* High-Energy Protein Supplement

* Easily Digested

* Patent Pending Technology

Amino Charge Product Spec Sheet

The Power of Protein

Absent exercise, the most important factor in your metabolism is Protein ingestion. Feed your muscles, and your muscles will fuel your body's fat-burning power. AminoCharge is powered by a new technology that is proven to increase utilization of amino acids.

Liquid Vitamins: The Wave of the Future

Loss of lean body mass is one of the most common problems in weight management programs. In fact, the weight that most dieters lose is muscle, but when that weight is regained (as it inevitably is), it comes back as fat. Loss of lean body mass can lead to poor health as well as a decrease in fat-burning…just the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve! The more lean body mass, the higher the metabolic rate and the greater the body’s fat burning capacity. And while muscle weighs more than fat, it takes up less space in the body, so a true goal should actually be a loss of inches rather than strictly a loss of pounds.

Build muscle to lose fat. Consuming a sufficient amount of high quality protein each day during weight loss safeguards against the loss of lean body mass (muscle & organ tissue). At one time the egg was the "gold standard" of protein, but recent technology has produced whey proteins that are even more easily used and absorbed by the body than are those found in eggs. Ultra Filtered Whey protein concentrate has one of the highest "Biological Values", which measures the amount of protein retained in the body per gram of protein absorbed.

Any weight management program puts increased stress on our ability to provide the body with the adequate nutrients needed each day. Therefore, each meal should be nutrient rich, providing at least a broad range of the basic vitamins and minerals.

AMINOCHARGE - "Intelligent Protein"

Life Force proudly introduces AminoCharge, the "Intelligent Protein" powered by pre-activated amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of life itself. Amino acids only come from protein sources. These amino acids play a vital role in all of the body's important functions, including building and replacing muscles, enzymes, hormones, immunoglobulins, and blood cells.

However, amino acids can only be utilized if the protein sources can first be digested, then absorbed, then assimilated, and finally, activated for use at the cellular level. This "protein utilization process" is especially vital to dieters.

When people reduce their calorie intake, they usually reduce their protein intake. This usually results in a reduction of muscle mass - the body's "fat burning furnace." This can lead to a dieter's dilemma, the "yo-yo syndrome."

AminoCharge's unique protein formulation, of four premium protein sources, is powered by a breakthrough in "protein utilization technology," which we've named the "protonic process!" This process, with its select "protonic" ingredients, enhances the entire protein utilization process.

This results in more of the amino acids arriving at the cellular level in a form that is highly bio-active. Technically, the process provides a pK that "charges" the various amino acids, thus the name AminoCharge. The protonic process, and AminoCharge, can only be purchased through Life Force.

AminoCharge is a two-formula product. AminoCharge, as a formula, provides two major constituents: as a source of protein, and as a source of the protonic activator ingredients. However, this alone would not deliver nearly as many activated amino acids as when used with the AminoRegulator. (AminoRegulator comes with every order of AminoCharge and cannot be purchased separately.)

AminoRegulator is formulated to interact with the protonic ingredients in AminoCharge and provide and maintain an environment in which a pK charge can be presented to the various amino acids. AminoRegulator includes ingredients that work specifically to continue the amino acid activation and stabilization process.

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Description U.S. Price Quantity

AminoCharge (15-day supply)
1 Jar of AminoCharge and 1 Bottle of AminoRegulator

AminoCharge (30-day supply)
2 Jars of AminoCharge and 2 Bottles of AminoRegulator
AminoCharge (8 Pack)
8 Jars of AminoCharge and 8 Bottles of AminoRegulator
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AminoCharge (15-day supply)
1 Jar of AminoCharge and 1 Bottle of AminoRegulator

$29.50 AutoShip

AminoCharge (30-day supply)
2 Jars of AminoCharge and 2 Bottles of AminoRegulator

$59.00 AutoShip

AminoCharge (8 Pack)
8 Jars of AminoCharge and 8 Bottles of AminoRegulator

$176.00 AutoShip


Ingredients: Life Force's proprietary blend (whetisolate and concentrate, soy isolate, rice concentrate, and pea isolate), proprietary activator blend (enzymes & amino acids), lecithin, tricalcium phosphate,xanthan gum, and natural flavors, including Stevia.

Additional factors: All essential amino acids, along with many non-essential ones, are in bio-available form from Life Force's protein blend. when mixed with AminRegulator, they are in a highly bio-active state due to Life Force's protonic process.

Amino Charge Product Spec Sheet

45-DAY Empty Bottle RISK FREE Guarantee. It's simple. If you're not satisfied simply return the empty bottle and Life Force International will refund your money.


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