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» Teaching Hatha Yoga - The Vocal Problem Student
By Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Published Today | Yoga | Unrated
When teaching Yoga classes, you encounter a number of rewards; but from time to time, you may also find your leadership skills challenged. No matter how many students you have taught in the past, you may run into a new and challenging situation.

Most Yoga studios, ashrams, and health clubs, have policies, which are based on common sense, but every once in a while you wonder if any other Yoga teacher has been where you are, at that moment.
» Health Benefits of Yoga and Meditation
By Lance Thorington | Published 12/3/2008 | Yoga | Unrated
Yoga has been practiced by many people and it has been existing for generations. It's also incorporated with the word meditation. Many already know that Yoga is good for the body and the mind. Nevertheless, do they really know the actual benefits of Yoga? There really are many benefits that Yoga offers people. Some will find it surprising regarding what Yoga can do for the body.
» Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali - The Challenge of Asteya
By Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Published 12/3/2008 | Yoga | Unrated
Asteya is the third Yama (restraint) mentioned by Maharishi Patanjali, within the Yoga Sutras. In short, Asteya may be defined as "non-stealing." However, the depth of this Yama goes much further. This is the Yama of giving to others.

There is an internal conflict about giving, but the Law of Karma and the Law of Attraction, agree about the end results of giving.
» Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali - The Joy of Brahmacharya
By Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Published 12/3/2008 | Yoga | Unrated
Bramacharya is the fourth Yama, described by Maharishi Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras. The literal definition of the root words, brahma and acarya, is "brahmic behavior." In fact, Bramacharya is also the first Asrama (stage of life for a Brahman), when a student lives a life of celibacy and purity, while studying the Vedas.

In the words of Swami Sivananda: "Celibacy is to a Yogi what electricity is to an electric bulb.
» Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali - The Vow of Ahimsa
By Paul M. Jerard Jr. | Published 12/3/2008 | Yoga | Unrated
What is ahimsa? In the Yoga Sutras, Ahimsa is the first of the contemporary Yamas (restraints). Quite often, you hear the definition: "non-harming" is the meaning of Ahimsa. You may also hear "non-killing" or "non-violence" applied to the meaning of this demanding Yama.

How can I say this is a demanding Yama? Consider this: Whether you think humankind is inherently good, or bad, non-harming is very difficult.

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