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Weight Loss
Weight Loss
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» A Life Long Weight Loss Plan
By Jerry Leung | Published Yesterday | Weight Loss | Unrated
A lot of people find that they cannot really control their weight after they have lost weight. In fact, controlling the weight can be more difficult that weight loss. At the end of the day it is all about your lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, plenty of people find out that their weight gains back after they have lost weight successfully. Yes it is very true that it is very difficult to have permanent weight loss.
» Lose Weight Without Spending Too Much
By Dallas Dougan | Published Yesterday | Weight Loss | Unrated
How do you lose weight effectively and efficiently? Is there a weight loss method that is both easy and cheap? These are questions that are common nowadays. Why you ask? Because in today's fast paced, nonstop attitude for work and the time and age we live in today, there are a number of us who has neglected eating properly and giving time to exercise.
» The Basics of Interval Cardio Training for Fat Loss
By Matt Lisk | Published 10/10/2008 | Weight Loss | Unrated
It seems that today everyone is most interested in losing the excess fat they have on their bodies. This can be a good thing if you have a lot of excess fat but it could be detrimental if you obsess about small amounts.

Because you want to lose the fat it is important to know that there are certain activities that will burn fat faster than other methods.
» Lose Body Fat With Good Practice
By Carolyn Ekenstam | Published 10/10/2008 | Weight Loss | Unrated
Let's look at ten ways to lose body fat in a no-nonsense way. It would be great to do it by waving a magic wand and since that's not possible let's just look at these ways to get started and to keep at it.

Number one is to set a goal. You need to set up a goal as to how much you want to lose, the amount you want to lose body fat. Consider what size jeans you want to fit into, and how you want to look.
» Finding A Weight Loss Plan That Really Works
By Debbie Allen | Published 10/10/2008 | Weight Loss | Unrated
As I got dressed and turned to look in the mirror I was taken aback by what I saw, my clothes were fitting me better than they had in quite sometime! That is a wonderful feeling that is hard to define. I had finally succeeded; I found a weight loss plan that really works.

I had tried some of the well-known weight loss programs, you know the ones, they are very expensive and can even afford to pay for commercials on TV.

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