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» Running Technique - Don't Flap the Hands
By Dick Moss | Published 01/12/2009 | Running | Unrated
It's common to see runners flapping their hands as their arms move back and forth. With their palms pointing down, they allow their wrists to relax, allowing their hands to flop up and down on each arm movement.

Most claim it helps to keep their arms relaxed as they run. For others, it's simply an unconscious action. Surprisingly, this error in technique is frequently seen among accomplished athletes as well as casual joggers.
» Tennis Shoes Cleaning Tips
By Roberto Sedycias | Published 11/24/2008 | Running | Unrated
Tennis shoes, which were earlier designed exclusively for Tennis, are now extensively used for other sports activities such as running, basketball and jumping.

In the beginning tennis shoes were simple in their look with no designs on them, but with this rapid changing fashion era, now many styled and uniquely designed tennis shoes brands are available.
» Tips For Tennis Shoes Maintenance
By Roberto Sedycias | Published 10/28/2008 | Running | Unrated
Tennis shoes are now used extensively in other sports such as basketball, jumping and running even though it was originally designed for Tennis. A bit more expensive than normal shoes, tennis shoes require extensive care to last for longer. Here are a few handy tips on how to take care of your tennis shoes.

Clean is keen:

When it comes to tennis shoes, clean is keen-should be the motto.
» The Right Tennis Shoes - An Important Selection
By Roberto Sedycias | Published 10/20/2008 | Running | Unrated
Tennis shoes provide the much needed support and protection to the feet of players and as such the performance of the players is greatly affected by the quality of footwear they are wearing. Keeping with this, the tennis shoes are designed with a view to provide maximum comfort to the players. Tennis shoes are made with reinforced toe and heel pads as these areas are most prone to wear and tear during their use in the ground.
» How to Train for Your First Marathon
By Heather Jacobson | Published 09/1/2008 | Running | Unrated
Many people are interested in running and completing a marathon or half marathon but they don't know how to go about getting started. You would be surprised at just how simple it is to start running and to even enjoy it and benefit from it in untold ways. Running is a great pastime that will help you stay in shape and will even help you learn some motivational techniques that will help you in other aspects of your life.

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