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Pets And Animals
Pets And Animals
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» How to Care for Pet Snakes
By Warren Wong | Published Today | Pets And Animals | Unrated
Pet snakes need housing appropriate to their size so that they have the room they need to move around with ease. The temperature also has to be kept consistent with that of the natural habitat of the snake, which is between 25 and 30. It is important to have a thermometer in the cage to let you know what the temperature is because if it is a few degrees higher or lower than what it should be your pet won't eat.
» Feeding Your Guard Dog
By Matt Chang | Published Today | Pets And Animals | Unrated
Highly trained guard dogs are often called out for high profile duty like rescue, crowd control, riot control, and even airport patrol. They work long hours, and don't get many breaks. Because they are used for such important items and duties, they need special care in diet. This means that a good diet is needed to keep their energy levels up and keeping them from getting out of shape.
» Learn About the Emerald Tree Boa
By Warren Wong | Published Today | Pets And Animals | Unrated
The Emerald Tree Boa is a snake from South America. There are two varieties of this snake ?the Amazon Basin and the Surinan, named for the natural habitat in which they are found. Even though they both share the same sub-species snake name, they are completely different from each other.

The Surinam variety of the sub-species is a long snake and is more lime green in color.
» Keeping a Brazilian Rainbow Boa
By Warren Wong | Published Today | Pets And Animals | Unrated
A Brazilian Rainbow Boa will thrive in captivity as long as you keep it clean, safe and well fed. The typical size of an adult on this variety of snake is from four to seven feet although there have been some that grew to a length of twenty feet. For this reason, this snake needs lots of space in which it can move about freely. Along with a large cage, you need to keep the humidity in the cage quite high and always have a bowl of fresh water inside.
» Some Advice About Children And Their Pets
By Aydan Corkern | Published Today | Pets And Animals | Unrated
If you are a parent with small children, have you ever gotten them a pet? Most parents will get their child a pet that they can call their own, but these rights to the pet will most of the time come with rules. This child will have to feed their pet, give their pet a bath, and just clean up after this animal. When this animal gets mad, sometimes it might tear up the newspaper or the toilet paper.

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