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» Theta Binaural Beats - Deep Brain Meditation
By Trevor Johnson | Published 01/20/2009 | Meditation | Unrated
Binaural beats operate at different frequencies and are designed to quickly and easily take your brain into different states. Theta binaural beats are programmed to induce the patterns that your brain runs when it is in either deep sleep or a deep meditative state.

Binaural beats work by playing slightly different frequencies into your ears.
» Standing Meditation - Cleanse Your Body
By Brue Baker | Published 01/20/2009 | Meditation | Unrated
Standing meditation is a tai chi technique that focuses your mind, relaxes tension, and cleanses your entire body. Because of unhealthy lifestyles our bodies have become polluted with impurities that block the internal energy flow inside of our body. For the internal parts of your body to function properly energy and oxygen needs to be able to flow effortlessly into and throughout the entire body from the tips of your toes to the ends of your fingers.
» How To Alleviate Stress Through Powerful Sound Meditation
By Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim | Published 01/20/2009 | Meditation | Unrated
Meditation used to be something you had to learn to do through a series of breathing techniques, forcing the mind to relax, and of course severe discipline. For people in this day and age this is not only practically impossible it is a tremendous challenge even if you can pull it off. Why?

The simple answer is that today's demands on the brain are incredible.
» How The Earth Can Help You Heal Through Meditation
By Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim | Published 01/20/2009 | Meditation | Unrated
To understand how the binaural beats meditative frequencies work you need to first understand how binaural beats work. Science has discovered that the brain, being the root to all feelings, emotions, even healing in the body, works through brain wave modulation.

When we think a thought the brain interprets that thought based on our current perception of what it means.
» How To Enhance Your Focus And Intelligence Through Meditation
By Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim | Published 01/20/2009 | Meditation | Unrated
If you take care of the mind, the mind will take care of you. What we mean by that is that your mind is controlling the brain and the brain is controlling your body, emotions and health. The mind works through the brain and often we are not taking care of our brain because our thoughts are working against us.

The brain is an incredible computer that is responsible for a range of things from biochemicals (which produces emotions, healing aids for the body and even anti ageing or ageing compounds) to muscle control.

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