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» Four Great Tips To Maximise Your Ab Workouts
By Richard Black | Published Today | Fitness | Unrated
No matter what physical shape you are in, most people groan at the thought of starting another one of the ab workouts. Not only you feel like the area from your chest to hips is being slowly pulled apart, but it's difficult to think that the ab workouts are actually providing results! Here are some tips to help maximize your workout and still let you be able to move during the day:

» Washboard Abs in Cardio Labs
By Tim Staines | Published Yesterday | Fitness | Unrated
We have come to be impasse about our health. This is only an apparent impasse though and can be easily resolved. Obesity is slowly but steadily creeping up on us and we find ourselves at the epicenter of this metabolic epidemic. It is still reasonable to expect that following the correct parameters we can usher into the domain of sexiness and look arresting enough to charm our way through a myriad of males.
» No Fancy Equipment Needed for Ab Workout
By Richard Black | Published Yesterday | Fitness | Unrated
Don't be fooled into believing that you need expensive, specialized equipment to have great abs. The Ablifter, the Abdominizer, and Abs of Steel are all myths created by late night infomercials. True abdominal fitness requires dedication and little or no equipment and a regular ab workout.

We all have abdominal muscles. Some of us are sporting six packs while others of us look like we are about to give birth.
» Common Eating Myths and How to Avoid Them
By Bob Lachinet | Published Yesterday | Fitness | Unrated
Step away from the French fries! Just because they are free from trans fat doesn't mean they're good for you. This article will provide you with information on common eating myths and how to avoid them. Whether you're just looking to shed a few pounds or you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, the following information will be beneficial to you.
» Optional Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment
By Richard Black | Published Yesterday | Fitness | Unrated
Not everyone wants to pay the monthly gym membership fees - especially if they are worried that they either may not go or may not have time to go when the gym is open. For those people, purchasing home exercise equipment that can do the job for you is the best way to go. There are a number of different ways you can get the equivalent of a gym workout at home with only a few pieces of equipment, including:

1) An exercise mat
2) Dumbbells
3) Cardio Equipment (either a treadmill or exercise bike)
4) A Pull-up bar

However, just because those 4 pieces of home exercise equipment are necessary when it comes to creating your own home workout does not mean that they are the only pieces of machinery that will help you pursue a good, complete workout experience.

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