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» Step Up Your Workout With An Aerobic Step Bench
By Roger Kelley | Published 10/17/2008 | Aerobics | Unrated
Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to improve your overall health and lose weight as well. This type of exercise takes many different forms, such as running, walking, jumping rope, kickboxing and dance. If you've begun to progress past the benefits that regular dance aerobics can provide, you may want to consider increasing the difficulty by adding an aerobic step bench to your workout.
» Replace Your Cardio Exercise With Basketball
By Dane Fletcher | Published 10/5/2008 | Aerobics | Unrated
Cardiovascular exercise is a necessity in order to obtain bodybuilding success, as well as general health and mental clarity. For most people, it is the most despised and least successful part of the bodybuilding routine. This is due to the tedious and never ending nature of sitting on a machine for hours and hours without the somewhat immediate results.
» Popular and Handy Aerobics Machines
By ABIMBOLA AKOMOLAFE | Published 09/18/2008 | Aerobics | Unrated
When it comes to aerobics, you might find that you get a better workout on a machine rather than actually running or jumping rope. Remember that like every part of a healthy workout routine, aerobics are exercises that have to be tailored to your body and what is best for your health and wellness. You have to work together with your doctor and your personal trainer if you have one to develop a health and fitness system that works for you, and to make sure that whatever you are doing it is the best for your body and your mind as well.
» Water Aerobics Routines for All-Around Fitness
By Marjorie Salada | Published 09/2/2008 | Aerobics | Unrated
Water aerobics routines are something that can offer a complete physical workout. A complete workout consists of aerobic, resistance and stretching exercises and all these can be incorporated into a water aerobics routine. The best part about water aerobics is that water exercises will work for groups of people that cannot do other types of exercises, such as; individuals that are morbidly obese and persons that have problems with arthritis.
» How To Get Ripped Abs Quick - 3 Super Abdominal Exercise Tips
By Nicolaas Theron | Published 08/28/2008 | Aerobics | Unrated
So, you want to get ripped quick. With or without ab exercise equipment. Maybe summer is coming and you want to look really good in those swimming trunks or bikini.

Bad're not going to get ripped overnight. Good can be done in a realistic time frame, which will of course depend on your current condition.

Get Ripped Quick - Super Tip 1: Sorting out your diet

First of all you need to sort out your diet.

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