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Dennis Hall

Of course these are just three of many tips on losing baby weight. Many people ask us how they can lose that baby weight fast and we'll answer how long you can expect it to take in another article. More questions? ask Jack and Ginger

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» How to Lose Weight After Having a Baby - A Guide for New Mothers
By Dennis Hall | Published Yesterday | Wellness | Unrated
Every new mother wants to know how to lose weight after having a baby? Most new Mothers want to get back to the size they were before getting pregnant. Some struggle with that goal and some seem to lose the weight easily and quickly. But all of them want to get back to their original size.

There are some things that can be done to make that transition more effective.
» The Best Pregnancy Diet After Your Baby
By Dennis Hall | Published 11/26/2008 | Wellness | Unrated
Having had your baby, you're ready to get rid of that leftover flab. So, how do you go about getting it off? The best pregnancy diet is the one that works for you. You must eat fewer calories and burn more to start making a difference. There are three main ways to do that. If you eat a healthier diet, get plenty of strenuous exercise and decide to breastfeed, then you will begin to use the most successful techniques ever used.
» How to Lose That Baby Weight Fast
By Dennis Hall | Published 11/22/2008 | Wellness | Unrated
There are a few effective ways that have been used for a long time. These three methods have been proven over time to take off the weight. If you are serious about losing weight, these tips are for you. Using them requires a commitment on your part, though.They are changing to a healthier diet, getting plenty of vigorous exercise and making the choice to breastfeed your baby.
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