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Art Gib

In addition to team building in Chicago, Watson Adventures ( provides scavenger hunts and team-building activities for most metropolitan locations in the US and have seen more than 75,000 hunters go through their hunts from more than 200 prestigious companies including, Time-Warner, and "O, The Oprah Magazine."

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» Getting More Energy in Natural Ways
By Art Gib | Published Yesterday | Nutrition | Unrated
It seems that the more we take on, the less rest we get. And the less rest we get, the less energy we have throughout the day. Of course, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine can be a quick pick me up, but more are turning to alternative, more natural ways to gain more energy throughout the day. Nothing takes the place of a good night's sleep, but if you're finding yourself dragging in the late afternoon, perhaps you could try a natural method to perk up your body and mind, and finish out the day.
» Wheelchairs: Still Rolling Right Along
By Art Gib | Published 12/9/2008 | Wellness | Unrated
Wheelchairs are ingenious devices which, in various forms, have been used for centuries to help people stay mobile. Folks who are temporarily injured or have a permanent condition which impairs their ability to walk may still go about their daily business without having to be carried or confined.

The first known users of primitive wheelchairs in the 6th century could never have envisioned what human ingenuity would dream up, and today's mobility devices are often customized to meet a user's specific needs.
» Juicing the Sea Buckthorn Berry
By Art Gib | Published 12/9/2008 | Nutrition | Unrated
The sea buckthorn berry is gaining popularity in recent months as many come to know of its nutritive qualities. One method of taking advantage of the sea buckthorn berry's nutrition without having to eat them is through juicing.

Juicing food items in order to get a day's supply of fruits and vegetables is a common practice these days, and the sea buckthorn berry has certainly not escaped the juicing craze.
» Information on Dog Boarding
By Art Gib | Published 12/9/2008 | Pets And Animals | Unrated
If you are planning to go on a business trip or a vacation, you may be interested in dog boarding for your special pet. Whether you are looking for a kennel or a more homelike atmosphere for your dog, you can find the perfect place to board your dog where he will receive the loving care and attention he needs in your absence.

The dog boarding facility you choose should be the one that is best suited to your dog.
» Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery Basics
By Art Gib | Published 12/8/2008 | Alternative Medicine | Unrated
When asked, "what is your best feature?" most will respond, "My Eyes!" Known as the windows to your soul, they are unique in every person. So, when faced with the decision to enhance this very important feature, many turn to Lasik or laser eye surgery. Of course, there are many things to consider when choosing an eye care specialist, and as most have found, doing the research from home is the quickest and easiest way to find the best care as well as the most qualified individual to provide that care.
» Raw Food Diet: Some Vegans Swear by It, Dieticians Warn of Dangers
By Art Gib | Published 12/4/2008 | Nutrition | Unrated
Vegetarianism is a term that is often used quite loosely among those who are your typical herbivores. But the vegetarian eating lifestyle has its most strict following by people who call themselves vegans.

Most broad-based vegetarians keep quite a wide food selection open for the pallet compared to vegans. They will eat some animal products such as cheese, eggs and milk.
» About the Sea Buckthorn Berry
By Art Gib | Published 12/2/2008 | Nutrition | Unrated
The sea buckthorn berry has gained some interest in recent years as it has hit the commercial market in the US with claims of it healthy benefits. It is, in essence, the latest health craze to hit the States.

But the reality is that the sea buckthorn berry and its benefits have been known and taken advantage of for centuries, dating back at least as far as the ancient Greeks some 1,200 years ago.
» About Today's Assisted Living Centers
By Art Gib | Published 11/26/2008 | Elder Care | Unrated
Assisted living centers are facilities that help and provide a home for people who need some assistance in their daily lives but wish to maintain a measure of independence. These centers serve as a bridge between completely independent living and a nursing home facility. An assisted living center may have many names, but its function is essentially the same: residential care, personal care, adult living facilities, enhanced care, adult home, retirement residence, and so on.
» From Noble Warhorse To Movie Star, And Everything In Between
By Art Gib | Published 11/21/2008 | Pets And Animals | Unrated
The Friesian (also anglicized, "Frisian") horse, native to the Friesland region of Holland, has seen a tremendous increase in popular recognition and interest across the globe since it was featured in the 1980's cult classic, Ladyhawke. Since then, it has had a starring role in blockbusters such as 300, The Mask of Zorro, both installments of The Chronicles of Narnia, and so on.
» Vegetables for People Who Don't Like Vegetables
By Art Gib | Published 10/30/2008 | Fitness | Unrated
Let's face it. Some of us don't like vegetables any more than our toddlers do. Just because we're grown up doesn't mean our palates have. Most adults do not get enough servings of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that our bodies need. Here are some ways to fool yourself into eating the healthy stuff and make some easy substitutions so you get less of the bad stuff, without compromising taste.
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