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Maureen Brownell

As an owner of dobermans for the last 25 years, Maureen recognizes the need of properly training your dog. She offers useful hints and tips on training your dog. You can find thesesimple techniques for your dog and you at

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Articles by this Author
» The Things Some Dogs Will Digest
By Maureen Brownell | Published Yesterday | Pets And Animals | Unrated
Coprophagia is the consumption of feces by an animal.

As pet owners we are mainly concerned about this behaviour when it is practiced by our dogs. For some strange reason we humans find it to be a disgusting behaviour!

There are different types of Coprophagia.

Autocoprophagia - This is when an animal eats its own feces.

Intraspecific Coprophagia - This is when an animal eat feces belonging to another animal of the same species.
» Abandoned Dogs Trained for the Hearing Impaired
By Maureen Brownell | Published 05/18/2008 | Pets And Animals | Unrated
I read an interesting article online the other day about what a non-profit organization in Japan
is doing about the problem of abandoned dogs. This organization, although they cannot rescue all
the dogs, have opened a facility in Yokohama, Japan that will implement a training program for these abandoned dogs to be trained as service dogs for the deaf.
» Agility Training - More Than Just A Sport
By Maureen Brownell | Published 01/23/2008 | Pets And Animals | Unrated
How would you like to have a lot of fun and at the same time bond with your dog? Dog agility is a way to do just that. Dog agility has been around for a long time but over the past ten years has grown in popularity. This is evident just by watching TV where they now broadcast some of the competitions.

You don't have to enter a competition though.
» Aggressive Dogs are not Born They are Man Made
By Maureen Brownell | Published 10/31/2007 | Pets And Animals | Unrated
Dog aggression can be a very serious problem. So why do some dogs become aggressive? They may feel threatened or they may feel their territory is being threatened. Dogs that are insecure and lack confidence can also be aggressive. Also we can not forget that if a dog is mistreated or abused this can definitely lead to aggression.

We see biting as a display of aggression but we sometimes overlook that dogs that bark and lunge at people or other animals are also displaying aggression.
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