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Peter Rapport

For more information on EAZOL - Natural Pain Relief Medication and a $50 FREE Newsletter Health News Journal. Plus a FREE Bonus # 1 - Natural Cures to Chronic Pain. A 430 page, $75.00, FREE e-book. Peter Rapport writes on a variety of subjects for For Your Natural Health Source. The Specialists In Herbal Products To Help You In Different Areas Of Your Life.

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» 10 Easy Tips To Reduce Most Headaches
By Peter Rapport | Published 05/14/2007 | Wellness | Unrated
The average headache is caused more by stress than any other factor. Relieving the pain (and preventing them altogether), can be fairly easy for most patients. Some of the ways anyone can help relieve the most common headaches include:

1: Stress Management and Relaxation.

Some common techniques used for stress and headache reduction include: deep muscle massage, listening to soothing music, or taking 20 minutes every day to just relax quietly in a room by yourself.
» What Kind Of Headache Do You Have?
By Peter Rapport | Published 05/12/2007 | Wellness | Unrated
Nearly two-thirds of all Americans suffer from chronic habitual headaches. From migraines, sinus and cluster headaches, to ones induced by stress and hormones.

It can matter which type of headache the patient sufferers with, in order to treat them properly and get fast relief. Some of the most common headache types experienced by sufferers include:

Tension Headaches:

Felt by more than 80% of the adult population, tension-type headaches are the most common headache, and seem to be slightly more common among women, than men.
» Relieve Stress At Work 5 Quick and Easy Tips
By Peter Rapport | Published 05/10/2007 | Wellness | Unrated
Stress at work is inevitable. You can't stop it from coming, but you can change the way you handle it. Instead of having a meltdown right in the middle of the office, why not try one of these 5 quick and end easy stress reducers?

Take A Break.

It's easy to let your feelings take over when everyone around you seems like an idiot! But, remember, your fellow workers are just trying to get through the day the best they can too.
» Is A Thyroid Problem Making You Fat?
By Peter Rapport | Published 04/2/2007 | Health | Unrated
Are you gaining weight unexpectedly? Are you not losing weight when you're doing everything right? What if you have hypothyroidism and you don't know it? When your thyroid is working against you, looking and feeling better is like trying to exercise with no energy.

As many as 25 million Americans have hypothyroidism. About half of them have no idea that they do.
» I Wannabe A Fitness Model!
By Peter Rapport | Published 03/30/2007 | | Unrated
So you're a wannabe are you? You wannabe a fitness model? Well, that's good to hear, I would bet a million dollars right now that you look stunning and have a beautiful shape. But what makes you think you can just be a fitness model, and a successful one at that?

This is a cut-throat business with thousands of gorgeous, hard bodies all competing for few jobs.
» Feel Young Again - Human Growth Hormone Can Help You!
By Peter Rapport | Published 03/26/2007 | Supplements And Vitamins | Unrated
By the time you reach 60, your natural production of Human Growth Hormone is most likely to be half of what it was when you were 20. This means that you will have less energy, more body fat, heal slower and have a weaker immune system. Recent studies have shown the direct impact Human Growth Hormone has on multiple body functions.

How can Human Growth Hormone or HGH help you?

By supplying your body with increased release of Human Growth Hormone.
» So You Want To Become A Fitness Model?
By Peter Rapport | Published 03/22/2007 | | Unrated
So you want to be a Fitness Model do you? Well let's see what that means. You might think that having a hot body is enough? Well a great body is an excellent start, but it's not enough.

Are you tough, and I mean tough because fitness modeling is a tough big business. The fitness model industry can be cut-throat, with thousands of beautiful, hard bodies all competing for the few jobs that are available.
» Dietary Herbal Supplements Guide
By Peter Rapport | Published 03/7/2007 | Supplements And Vitamins | Unrated
Herbal Supplements, what are they and what do they do?
Are you thinking about adding herbal dietery supplements to your diet to improve the quality of your nutrition? If so, it is good that you are taking the time to read about them. It is important so you can make informed decisions about whether herbal supplements are a sound health choice for you.
» Are You Looking For Natural Pain Relief Medication?
By Peter Rapport | Published 03/5/2007 | Supplements And Vitamins | Unrated
There is probably nothing more debilitating than chronic pain. Defined as pain lasting for six months or longer. Chronic pain afflicts millions of people. There is no way for you to be completely sure of preventing chronic pain. It can strike at any stage of your life, whether because of an accident or disease.

Chronic pain often long outlives its original cause, worsening over time and taking on a life of its own.
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