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By Art Gib | Published  Yesterday | Nutrition | Unrated
Art Gib
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Getting More Energy in Natural Ways
It seems that the more we take on, the less rest we get. And the less rest we get, the less energy we have throughout the day. Of course, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine can be a quick pick me up, but more are turning to alternative, more natural ways to gain more energy throughout the day. Nothing takes the place of a good night's sleep, but if you're finding yourself dragging in the late afternoon, perhaps you could try a natural method to perk up your body and mind, and finish out the day.

If you don't want to turn to another cup of coffee when feeling sleepy in the afternoons, try a little exercise. Studies show that a brisk walk can do as much for energy as a cup of coffee would. Try standing up, stepping away from your desk and doing some stretching, concentrating especially on areas of tension, such as your neck, back and shoulders. You could also take a quick walk around your home or office, making sure to breathe deeply and increase your oxygen flow.

You should know your limits as far as what times of the day are the times that you lose your energy. Don't take on big projects when you know you won't be at the top of your game. Save the harder tasks for late morning, when you are more apt to be alert and focused. A glass of water should not be overlooked as a great source of energy. Try drinking a big glass of ice cold water slowly and watch your energy rise. Or try an all-natural energy drink, which uses fruit extracts to revitalize your mind and body, rather than caffeine. There are several of these on the market, NONI, Zrii, etc.

Still sleepy? Try a "power nap", a short, twenty minute nap that can do wonders for your energy levels. For years Europeans have taken siestas in the late afternoon, realizing the power of a small afternoon nap in increasing production later in the day. Finally, try your hardest to get a full eight hours of sleep. When you're well rested, you'll have energy to burn all day long.

You're bound to have days where your energy level is low. Make sure to take cues from your body, and when you feel tired, slow down or take a break. With some exercise, deep breathing exercise, water, natural energy drink and maybe even a short nap, you're sure to feel like your old self again in no time at all.
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