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By Dennis Hall | Published  Yesterday | Wellness | Unrated
Dennis Hall
Of course these are just three of many tips on losing baby weight. Many people ask us how they can lose that baby weight fast and we'll answer how long you can expect it to take in another article. More questions? ask Jack and Ginger

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How to Lose Weight After Having a Baby - A Guide for New Mothers
Every new mother wants to know how to lose weight after having a baby? Most new Mothers want to get back to the size they were before getting pregnant. Some struggle with that goal and some seem to lose the weight easily and quickly. But all of them want to get back to their original size.

There are some things that can be done to make that transition more effective. Exercise, eating a healthy diet and breast feeding your baby are the three most popular and effective methods for consistent weight loss. These are how you lose weight after having your baby.

For the most Natural way, breast feeding is how you lose weight after having baby. A new Mother can lose 500 or more calories each day that she breast feeds her baby. Once she starts breast feeding, her body undergoes a hormonal change that starts the breakdown of body fat into useful nutrients in the milk for her baby.

It's very important that the new Mother drink lots of water and fruit juices to replace the lost fluids. Keeping hydrated is very critical at this stage of her birth. However, with diet and exercise also, she can lose up to a pound or more each week.

Eating a healthy diet is another way how a new Mother loses weight after having a baby. At the advice of their Doctors, most women gain 15 or more pounds during pregnancy to make sure their developing babies get all the nutrition they need for a normal birth.

At birth, most women lose 10 to 12 pounds including blood loss and amniotic fluids. They must replace those lost fluids with water and other low calorie drinks like fruit juices. Forget the sodas and other sweetened drinks. Their Doctors recommend a high protein, low fat diet that includes lean meats, skinless chicken and fish.

Fruits and veggies are needed to add fiber, vitamins and minerals. They should eat at least 1500 to 1800 calories each day to insure that their babies get all the necessary nutrients. That's how to lose weight after having a baby, by starting a heathy diet and drinking lots of water. The water helps her to feel full and lessen her cravings.

The third method for how to lose weight after having a baby is to exercise strenuously. However, there are some common sense rules here. The old way of thinking was to wait for six to eight weeks before doing any exercise.

But Doctors say that if the new Mother had a normal vaginal birth with no complications, there is no reason why she shouldn't start to exercise as soon as she feels up to it. Most new Mothers begin by pushing a stroller or by walking a small amount at first.

They can evaluate their condition and increase or decrease their activity level when they know what shape they are in. They should concentrate on their arms, legs and abdominal muscles first. Then, as they get more fit, they can add more vigorous exercise.

These are three methods of how to lose weight after having a baby. They are the most popular and successful techniques. They are simple, direct and relatively cheap. Breast feeding, exercise and eating a healthy diet have been used for hundreds of years by thousands of Mothers who wanted to get back to being that slim, sexy thing they were before baby.
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