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By Kate Rieger | Published  Yesterday | Pets And Animals | Unrated
Kate Rieger
Kate Rieger has been owned by 15+ cats and is a champion of spaying all her cat neighbors. While she would like to extend this same concept to some of the human population, she swears she's only into altering cats. She is on good behavior during her speaking engagements at various organizations. Drop by for a free copy of her eBook '111 Things You Don't Know That Could Harm Your Cat.'

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ProvenTips To Prevent and Treat Dog Urinary Problems
What if I told you that the way that most people go about treating their dogs' urinary problems is wrong? In your dog difficult urinating could be a sign of a serious problem and needs immediate attention. Whether the cause is a birth defect or a bacterial infection, it's important to support the overall healing process to prevent and treat the problem at the same time.

When you first notice a dog urinating problem, it is important to take your dog to the veterinarian to get a correct diagnosis. The symptom of difficulty urinating can be caused by a blockage due to accumulated crystals, bladder stones, or a tumor. It can also be caused by a painful bacterial infection or birth defect such as an ectopic ureter. Quick diagnosis and treatment is important in any case because if your dog goes even 3 to 4 days without urinating, it can be fatal.

Tumors and birth defects will most likely require treatment by corrective surgery. If the underlying problem is not treated in your dog difficulty urinating will not cease. Veterinarians generally prescribe antibiotics when a bacterial infection is detected. While antibiotics are very helpful in treating an infection in its late stages, they do have significant side effects that need to be taken into consideration.

The overuse of antibiotics has led to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Antibiotics can also aggravate the symptoms of a dog urinating problem because they are prescribed in such high dosages and taken for long periods. Such high dosages are required because dogs metabolize most of the drugs they take, which then pass through in their urine. Another problem with antibiotics is that they only suppress symptoms and are not a cure-all.

In your dog difficulty urinating can actually be treated and prevented at the same time. There are gentle, effective homeopathic treatments that restore balance at a cellular level and help your dog achieve permanent recovery. Homeopathy helps your dog maintain a healthy bladder, a healthy flow of urine, and a strong immune system to ward off infection.

Homeopathic treatments used in combination with lifestyle and diet change can help your dog overcome his infection and maintain good health so it doesn't come back. Best of all, these homeopathic remedies and lifestyle changes have no side effects and are 100% safe. Homeopathic treatment can be used regularly without putting your dog's health at risk. A dog urinating problem will go away once and for all if you use prevention as your primary treatment method.

Your goal? Take what you have learned and learn more about natural ways to treat your dog's urinary problems. In your dog difficulty urinating is a painful symptom that can cause irreversible damage if not treated in time. Rather than waiting until your dog gets sick to seek treatment, why not stick to regular, preventive treatment to keep your dog healthy and less susceptible to infection? Natural treatment methods may not be a quick fix compared to traditional methods but they will cure your dog's infection and help him achieve permanent recovery.
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