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» Signs of Skin Cancer Symptoms
By Steven Godlewski | Published 06/5/2008 | Cancer , Health | Unrated


Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer to strike people than any other form of cancer. Skin cancer is more common in fair-skinned people, but all skin types can develop skin cancer. The main cause of skin cancer is from ultraviolet radiation from too much time spent in the sun. Identifying the signs of skin cancer early, and avoiding overexposure to the sun are the two best ways to prevent skin cancer. The three major causes of skin cancer are heredity, environment, and ultraviolet light damage to the skin, mostly in children and teenagers. Studies show adults receive half of their lifetime ultraviolet exposure when they are 20 years old.

» Camping at NASCAR Races
By Steven Godlewski | Published 05/22/2008 | Sports | Rating:

If you are a fan of the races, you have probably at least entertained the thought of camping out at the race with other anticipating race fans.

» The NASCAR Coca Cola 600 Race: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Time of Your Life
By Steven Godlewski | Published 05/19/2008 | Sports | Rating:
NASCAR is one of the most well enjoyed of the American past times, and for good reason. While many people have heard of the NASCAR Daytona 500 race, there are other races to attend as well-many of them just as popular as the Daytona 500 itself. One of these races is the Coca Cola 600, a 600-mile race held at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, NC the weekend of Memorial Day. This is a stock car race, one of the things that attract die-hard fans of NASCAR stock car racing from all around the world.
» Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms
By Steven Godlewski | Published 05/7/2008 | Diseases And Conditions , Health | Rating:
Over 100 known forms of arthritis are making millions of people suffer today. The most weakening of all forms is rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms are joints that ache, throb, and eventually become deformed.
» Steroids and Teenagers
By Steven Godlewski | Published 04/30/2008 | Health , Sports | Rating:

The use of steroids is headline news right now both in the United States and worldwide. Big names in professional sports have rumored, or admitted to using steroids to bulk up their bodies and improve their game. Our teenagers look up them as role models and it’s sad to see them letting our teens down. When they see their favorite athlete using steroids, they believe if it’s all right for these stars, it’s all right for them too.

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» Getting More Energy in Natural Ways
By Art Gib | Published Yesterday | Nutrition | Unrated
It seems that the more we take on, the less rest we get. And the less rest we get, the less energy we have throughout the day. Of course, coffee and other drinks containing caffeine can be a quick pick me up, but more are turning to alternative, more natural ways to gain more energy throughout the day. Nothing takes the place of a good night's sleep, but if you're finding yourself dragging in the late afternoon, perhaps you could try a natural method to perk up your body and mind, and finish out the day.
» Muscle Building: Strength or Size?
By Richard Black | Published Yesterday | Fitness | Unrated
More often than not, when someone thinks about muscle building they picture some giant man or woman with rippling abdominal muscles and biceps that are on the covers of numerous magazines all about working out and lifting weights. They picture people with such immense size that if you bumped into them in a crowded area you expect to fly backwards as though you were hit by a car.
» Wonder Drug That Is Not So Wonderful
By Joni Bell | Published Yesterday | Alternative Medicine | Unrated
All women need to be aware that tamoxifen is not the "wonder drug" it's made out to be.

If used properly, tamoxifen may very well prevent the return of breast cancer after surgery to remove a tumor. Does the drug have side effects? Of course. But you could make the argument that the side effects are tolerable compared to a recurrence of cancer.
» Fat Burning Workouts For Weight Loss
By Terry Sandhu | Published Yesterday | Weight Loss | Unrated
There no special knowledge or requirements for fat burning workouts for weight loss, as long as keep your detemination and the big picture in your mind. Preparing your diet plan so that you eat foods that help in fat burning will help you to lose weight and give you the body that you want.

Making aerobic exercise a fundemental basic by engaging in it for at half an hour a day.
» The Things Some Dogs Will Digest
By Maureen Brownell | Published Yesterday | Pets And Animals | Unrated
Coprophagia is the consumption of feces by an animal.

As pet owners we are mainly concerned about this behaviour when it is practiced by our dogs. For some strange reason we humans find it to be a disgusting behaviour!

There are different types of Coprophagia.

Autocoprophagia - This is when an animal eats its own feces.

Intraspecific Coprophagia - This is when an animal eat feces belonging to another animal of the same species.
» How to Lose Weight After Having a Baby - A Guide for New Mothers
By Dennis Hall | Published Yesterday | Wellness | Unrated
Every new mother wants to know how to lose weight after having a baby? Most new Mothers want to get back to the size they were before getting pregnant. Some struggle with that goal and some seem to lose the weight easily and quickly. But all of them want to get back to their original size.

There are some things that can be done to make that transition more effective.
» ProvenTips To Prevent and Treat Dog Urinary Problems
By Kate Rieger | Published Yesterday | Pets And Animals | Unrated
What if I told you that the way that most people go about treating their dogs' urinary problems is wrong? In your dog difficult urinating could be a sign of a serious problem and needs immediate attention. Whether the cause is a birth defect or a bacterial infection, it's important to support the overall healing process to prevent and treat the problem at the same time.
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